Scene from Super Bowl I – Len Dawson In Chief’s Locker Room at Halftime

In 1966, NFL players sometimes got ready for the second half of championship games with a smoke and a bottle of soda

Chiefs QB, Len Dawson, prepared for second half of Super Bowl 1 with a cigarette and a Fresca

By Scott Mandel

Photo taken at halftime of Super Bowl I, between the Chiefs and the Lombardi Packers. This is legendary Chiefs QB, Len Dawson, getting a smoke, and drinking a bottle of Fresca in the locker room before going out for the second half, which the Packers dominated on their way to a 35-10 win. The famous and hungover Max McGee caught two touchdown passes from Bart Starr.

We wonder if times have changed, all that drastically. Maybe, these days, the cigarette smoke has been replaced by other kinds of smoke, including marijuana. Instead of a sugary soft drink like Fresca, perhaps it is a sugary soft drink like Gatorade.

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