About Scott Mandel

SportsReporters is his latest success as a business developer. Scott has always pursued his passions, guided by the credo one always does better at stuff he/she is passionate about. This community is really about passion. It’s what we love to do and hopefully, what you love, as well.

Scott founded Health Media Partners in 1990, a company that provided millions of Americans with health-related information through their managed healthcare organizations. HMP published a nationally distributed magazine, HealthWatch, customized for each of the biggest HMOs in the nation.

SportsReporters is entering a crowded field of websites and video streamers and podcasters in the sports category. The good news? We think our writing, with good humor, irony, and a journalistic “take” on what is happening in the world of athletes and the games they play for pay (both professionally and sometimes, under the table as amateurs) will keep you returning.

Stay tuned. We will be inviting you, especially you high school and college age fans, to submit cool videos and articles written by your own hand. We want to give you more than a letter to an editor to express your point of view. We want to HEAR YOUR VOICE, AND, YOUR PASSIONS.

After all, that’s what this is all about.

We welcome your feedback. And, appreciate your time with us.

–Scott Mandel