Lance Stephenson chooses his all-time starting five

By Scott Mandel

Lance Stephenson pics his top five NBA players of all time.

Lance Stephenson recently shared his list of the top five greatest players of all time. In a candid reflection, Stephenson acknowledged the difficulty of such a task while offering his unique perspective on basketball’s elite.

“Man, this is hard. A lot of people get mad. My Top 5, I’m just going to do position-wise… no I’m not. So Kobe, Jordan, no order, LeBron, Tim Duncan, Shaq.” 

Opting not to adhere strictly to positions, Stephenson’s list comprises a formidable lineup of iconic players, each renowned for their distinctive contributions to the game.

Topping his list are two legends often synonymous with greatness: Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. With their unparalleled skill, tenacity, and championship pedigree, Bryant and Jordan have solidified their places in basketball lore and as the greatest shooting guards of all time.

Joining Bryant and Jordan in Stephenson’s esteemed lineup are three more titans of the sport: LeBron James, Tim Duncan, and Shaquille O’Neal. LeBron James, widely regarded as the the most versatile player ever along with being one of the greatest small forwards, brings a combination of athleticism, basketball IQ, and leadership to the court. 

Meanwhile, Tim Duncan’sfundamentally sound game and legendary career with the San Antonio Spurs have earned him widespread acclaim as one of the greatest power forwards of all time.

Rounding out Stephenson’s starting five is Shaquille O’Neal, a dominant force in the paint whose imposing presence and offensive prowess, solidified his place among the greatest centers of all time. Together, these five basketball icons represent a formidable lineup capable of competing against any opponent.

“That’s my starting five right there. I know there gonna be a lot of argument of who gonna shoot the ball, but I think they’ll figure it out and actually beat everybody that everyone else picks.”

While Stephenson acknowledges that there may be debates over shot distribution among his chosen players, he expresses confidence in their collective abilities to overcome any challenges and emerge victorious against all competition.

In selecting his top five, Stephenson offers a tribute to the enduring legacy of these basketball legends and the profound impact they have had on the sport.