Jets Fans Are Blabbering Cry Babies as the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS Win First Game of Season

By Scott Mandel

New York Jets fans are pathetic. They are crying in their split pea soup today because their team won a game yesterday, beating the Los Angeles Rams on the road. It was the Jets first win of what has been a pathetic season to bring their record to 1-13. In doing so, the Jets probably lost any chance at the first pick in the NFL draft to the equally pathetic Jacksonville Jaguars, who will turn around and choose Trevor Lawrence, purportedly the next generational quarterback from Clemson.

Listen, Jets fans. Shut up, for just a second, and pay attention.

Tom Brady was picked in the sixth round and he has six championships. Drew Brees was a second round pick. Aaron Rodgers was a second round pick. Patrick Mahomes was the 10th pick in the draft, not the first or even, the ninth. He’s the best player in the sport today.

The very best quarterbacks of the past 25 years did not even get a sniff from NFL teams in the first 35 picks of their draft, other than Mahomes.

Sam Bradford was the first pick in 2010. Hello? Mitchell Trubisky was the second pick in 2017. Nice knowing him? Marcus Mariota was the second pick in 2015. Really? Jameis Winston was the first pick in 2015. ‘N’uff said. Carson Wentz was the second pick in 2016. He was benched two weeks ago because he can’t play. Baker Mayfield, who beat the Giants last night was the first pick in 2018. Mayfield could not play until they surrounded him with this little thing called talent. All of a sudden he’s the quarterback of a 10 and 4 team.

Matthew Stafford was the first pick in 2009 of the Detroit Lions. Matthew Stafford has not won any Super Bowls, the last I looked. Jared Goff was the first pick of the 2016 draft for the Los Angeles Rams. Jared Goff couldn’t beat the Jets yesterday.

These quarterbacks are more than just under-achievers. Most of them stink. With or without talent around them. Quarterback scouting is not an exact science, as Josh Rosen fans would tell you.

Sam Darnold, it says here, if surrounded by NFL talent, is a much more than competent quarterback. He might even be a star, with an offensive line that could give him time in the pocket the way they did yesterday.

Sam Darnold embraces Marcus Maye after win
Darnold hugs Jets safety, Marcus Maye after first win of the 2020 season

The Jets will be firing their current incompetent head coach, Adam “Gaze” Gase. When they replace him with a tough, no-nonsense coach with NFL gravitas, they should draft a bookend offensive tackle from Oregon to anchor the other side, across from mammoth rookie Mekhi Becton, the best left tackle in the game. Or, perhaps a stud wide receiver from LSU. Throw in a bunch of SEC defensive backs and an edge rusher. And, Jets general manager, Joe Douglas should use all of that cap space the Jets now have to fill important holes with free agents.

And then Jets fans, you pathetic jerks, sit down, open your can of Ballantine beer or whatever the hell you drink in your sububan den or basement, and watch your team play on Sundays. And shut up.