Mike White’s College Coach Speaks Out on his Former Western Kentucky Signal Caller

Mike White dominated in the CUSA with Western Kentucky


Mike White, in his last two years at Western Kentucky, threw 63 touchdown passes and only 15 interceptions. 8,540 yards passing, completing 67% of his 966 passes thrown.

In other words, this guy dominated in his level of competition in CUSA, where W. Kentucky plays.

His college head coach, Mike Sanford, Jr., who is now at the University of Minnesota, but also worked with Andrew Luck at Stanford and as the offensive coordinator at Notre Dame, said this about Mike White:

“It didn’t shock me one bit,” said Sanford. Though he had been a Stanford assistant during star QB Andrew Luck’s last season, Sanford said he told NFL scouts and coaches the following:

“Mike White is the best pure thrower of the football that I’ve ever been around.”

If you coached Andrew Luck, one of the greatest passers in college football history, the above statement is more than a mouthful. In Sanford’s opinion, Mike White is a better pure passer than Andrew Luck.


This kid may turn out to be a flash in the pan, but, the people who coached him and played against him don’t think so. They think he’s the real deal.

His next opportunity is in three days, on the nationally-televised Thursday night football game. The phenomenon of Mike White will be on full display. It says here, this kid will go out, have a great time, and play very well. Then, his third star will happen while Jets #1 draft pick, Zach Wilson, stays on the sideline.